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I offer a range of curatorial and exhibition services tailored to suit client requirements. With a commitment to excellence and an outstanding track record across varied arts and cultural projects, you can rest assured that your project is in capable hands.

Artwork Commissioning, Curating, and Exhibition-Making

Realising Inspiring Visions

Whether a single artwork, a small-scale presentation, or large-scale exhibition, realise your creative vision with my sustained track record in delivering exhibitions and artwork commissions of international standards.


Writing Commissions

Illuminating Ideas

Translate a visual world of ideas into accessible texts for your audiences. Writing commissions can range from artwork captions, extended curatorial essays, and even in-depth publications to suit your requirements.

Talks, Workshops, and Educational Programmes

Sharing Knowledge

Drawing from practice-led experiences, let me help you develop engaging programmes that incorporate holistically into your education and audience development plans.



Reliable Expertise

With a background in collecting for and administering to the National Collection of Singapore, I can provide invaluable insight into your art collection and collection strategy, and help you locate or develop that perfect artwork for your property.

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