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This section contains a selection of artwork commissions and site-specific adaptations that I have worked closely with artists to develop. These artworks remain the intellectual property of the respective artists. Photographs are to the credit of the respective artists, photographers, institutions, and organisations.

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Projects: Text


Present and Past



Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 5.11.39 PM.png

Bangkok CityCity Gallery


OH! Open House

Projects: Clients

When I think of John, I smile - it's good to see a curator who is driven with passion, a good dose of sensibilities, and a willingness to work hard to make ideas reality.

John is not just a curator but an inventive storyteller who cares about the audience journey in delving into the chicanery of artist minds.

Gwen Lee - Artistic Director, DECK & Singapore International Photography Festival

Alan Oei - Co-founder and Executive Director, OH! Open House

Of causes worthy a champion is John
A lighthouse of courage in tempest and storm

Dr Susie Lingham - Writer-Artist, Educator, Creative Director of Singapore Biennale 2016

Projects: Testimonials
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